Wednesday, February 29, 2012

List of Games - Day 3

This time I am going to post my list for Playstation Portable.  My PSP was given to me the day I left to go to Finland by my best friends.  I still use it often and think about them while I do.  The funny thing is that on that day I went to go buy one from the Game Crazy where I used to live. When I bought it, I took it home and told my friends about it, and then they let me know they bought me one as well.  So I ended up bringing it back and getting full credit to the store, and getting a few cheap games in return.

I bought my Wife a purple one for her birthday, as well as Phantasy Star Portable 2, which is one of the best games on the PSP.  She says that we could have lived without buying it, but I know that she appreciates it.


Aedis Eclipse
Dungeon Explorer
Gitaroo Man
Phantasy Star Portable 2

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